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On Site Auditing (pre purchase)
<ul style="text-indent: 0em;"> <li>Auditing current vendors, products and services to set budgets for purchasing an asset</li> <li>Identifying opportunities for improvement</li> <li>Providing the technology expertise to assist in purchase transition</li> </ul>
Emerging Market Trends
<ul style="text-indent: 0em;"> <li>Watching and driving market changes, new products and services, new technology, all of which provides the asset a strategic advantage, increased revenue, or decreased costs. WCG will continue to look for bigger, better, stronger, and faster options that benefit your asset. </li> </ul>
Our skills
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Other Services
We can also

Project Management

  • From recommendation to completion
  • Ensuring expectations are met post implementation
  • Provide expertise and detail micromanagement

IT Asset Management

  • Defining the best of breed
  • Identifying Needs
  • Making solid business decisions

Inventory Tracking

  • Contracts
  • Vendors
  • Services
  • Product Details

Tech Speak Translation

  • IT Acronym to basic business language
  • Fill in the assumed information
  • Project Topology

Short & Long Term Strategies

  • Aligning the asset to meet the current needs while remaining flexible to the market and changing guest expectations.
  • Finding the balance among the forces driving buying decisions
  • Paying attention to the bottom line

Cost Savings & Efficiency

  • Identifying new opportunities for cost reduction, contract improvement, increased revenue, and vendor selection
  • Realigning products and services with current asset demands
  • Introducing innovative products, services, or vendors that drive revenue or provide an operational advantage

Happy Costumers

Kerry Ranson

- President/COO, HP Hotels

“I would highly recommend this relationship
to anyone in our industry.”

Wendy Heineke

- VP of Asset Management, Pebblebrook Hotel Trust

“We deal with a lot of consulting companies in various aspects of hotels expertise and WCG is on the very short list of reliable, dependable and outstanding follow through companies.”

Jason Shane

- Director of IT, Evermore Resort

“Over the years we have engaged many consulting companies to help us improve our telecommunications. With WCG, we have found a partner who brings us indisputable operational and financial impact. We are now implementing clear strategies that net us measurable results.”

Our Precious Clients
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